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Comprehensive catering options for any event

When you're hosting an important event, you want to know that you're serving your guests the

highest-quality food possible - that's why you should always choose Fema Catering. We offer great Italian classics for weddings, anniversaries, corporate picnics, and more, all at competitive prices.


And to make things even easier for you, we cover an extensive 45-mile radius for all catering events. Give us a call today to get started on your menu and reserve us for your upcoming event. Our dedicated staff will take care of all your needs and maintain a highly professional manner throughout the event.

Call today to schedule a FREE Saturday food testing.


Complete catering for all occasions

• Weddings

• Anniversaries

• Golf outings

• Business

• Reunions

• Church functions

• Corporate picnics

• Picnics

A wide variety of favorites to choose from to suit your event

Meats (Choice of 2)

• Chicken (fried or baked or BBQ)

• Beef (hot or cold)

• Turkey (hot or cold)

• Fish (fried / baked)

• Meatballs in red, or butter garlic and cheese sauce

• Fresh Italian salami (hot or cold)

• Cabbage rolls

• FEMA sausage in red sauce

• Ham (hot or cold)

• Pork steaks BBQ

• Italian meatloaf

• FEMA bratwurst

• FEMA Polish sausage and sauerkraut

Potato (Choice of 1)

• Mashed potatoes

• Au gratin potatoes

• Scalloped potatoes

• Potato salad

• Dressing

• Sweet potatoes

• Loaded mashed potatoes

• Rice pilaf

• Parsley potatoes

• New potatoes with bacon, onion, and cheese

Pasta (Choice of 1)

• Cabbage and noodles

• Mostaccioli in red sauce

• Tortellini in red sauce, or creamy garlic and cheese sauce

• Pasta salad

• Macaroni and cheese

• Spaghetti in meat sauce

• Gnocchi in red sauce

- add $.25 per person

• Ravioli in red sauce

- add $.25 per person

• Fettuccine in cream and butter sauce

Vegetable (Choice of 2)

• Broccoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce

• Green beans

• Corn

• Carrots

• Peas

• Peas and carrots mixed

• Baked beans

Salad (Choice of 1)

• Slaw with choice of house or creamy dressing

• Lettuce with 1 choice, 2nd dressing optional

• Apple sauce

• Dressing for salads

• House dressing

• Creamy ranch

• French

• Thousand island

• Note: The following items are included at no additional charge

• Relish tray

• Vienna bread or dinner rolls

• Butter

• Condiments

• Jell-O or pudding

• Coffee

• Tea

• Plates

• Forks

• Spoons

• Cups

• Knives

• Napkins

• Other foods and / or services available and quoted at your request!

• Examples: cake, pie, watermelon basket (seasonal)

If you’d like to reserve us for your next event fill out this form and send it to us along with your menu choices.


103 N. 2nd St.

Benld, IL 62009

Call Fema Catering today at 217-835-2018 to reserve us for your next special event.

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