The Main Course

 Meats (Choice of 2) Potato (Choice of 1)
Chicken (Fried or Baked or BBQ) Mashed Potatoes
Fema Sausage in Red Sauce Au gratin Potatoes
Beef (Hot or Cold) Scalloped Potatoes
Ham (Hot or Cold) Potato Salad
Turkey (Hot or Cold) Dressing
Fish (Fried/Baked) Sweet Potatoes
Meatballs in Red Sauce or Butter Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Pork Steaks BBQ Rice Pilaf
Italian Meatloaf Parsley Potatoes
Fresh Italian Salami (Hot or Cold) New Potatoes with Bacon, Onion, & Cheese
Fema Bratwurst
Fema Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut
Cabbage Rolls


     Pasta (Choose 1) Vegetable (Choice of 2)
    Cabbage and Noodles Broccoli & Cauliflower in Cheese Sauce
    Mostaccioli in Red Sauce Corn
    Tortellini in Red Sauce, or Creamy Garlic and Cheese Sauce Carrots
    Pasta Salad Peas
    Macaroni & Cheese Peas and Carrots Mixed
    Gnocchi in Red Sauce Baked Beans
    Spaghetti in Meat Sauce Green Beans
    Ravioli in Red Sauce
    Fettuccini in Cream and Butter Sauce

     Salads (Choice of 1)
    Slaw with choice of House or Creamy Dressing
    Lettuce with 1 choice of Salad Dressing- 2nd Dressing Optional
    Apple Sauce

      Dressings for Salads: 

      • House Dressing
      • Creamy Ranch
      • French
      • Thousand Island

      Items Available at Additional Charge:

      • Vienna Bread or Dinner Rolls
      • Butter
      • Pudding
      • Condiments
      • Coffee
      • Tea & Lemonade

      Other Foods and/or Services Available at your Request:

      • Examples: Cake, Pie, Fruit Bowl (Seasonal)


      Deposits and Additional Fees

      We would like to serve you for your catering needs. Any special requests will be considered and quoted on an individual basis.

      There is a nonrefundable $250.00 deposit fee to hold the date for weddings.

      Payments or deposits that are paid by credit card will be charged an additional 3% for processing fees. There will be a 15% gratuity fee and fuel fee added to each invoice.

      Thank you for considering us. We look forward to serving you in the near future. All prices are subject to change based on market prices.

      Payment is due on the day of your event. An additional 5% will be added after 30 days.

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